Sample Fellowship Projects

As part of its work to develop creative legal strategies and foster collaborations, Justice Catalyst maintains an ongoing list of project ideas. Here is some of what’s on our mind at the moment. For more information on any of these, to suggest a new project, or with general questions, email And check back here, as we update this list with new projects. Please note that these are for informational purposes only, and fellowship applications need not fall into any of these categories (in fact, we anticipate that most will not).


– Project on State Constitutions
– Privatization of Public Detention
– Facilitating Coordination Between State and Local Enforcers
– Whistleblower Law and Employment Practices
– Environmental Law and Confinement Conditions
– Legal Ethics and Public Interest Lawyering
– Impact Investing in the Legal Space
– Immigration and 1983
– Antitrust Law and State and Local Licensing/Contracting Practices
– Antitrust and Employment Practices
– Online and/or Zip Code Discrimination
– Arbitration and Access to Justice