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Government Accountability Project “Whistleblower Guides”

The Government Accountability Project (GAP), in collaboration with Justice Catalyst, released three “Whistleblower Guides,” designed to help journalists and public interest organizations as they work with whistleblowers safely and effectively speak up in the face of serious abuses of scientific

Local Government Affirmative Litigation Guide

Justice Catalyst today released Local Action, National Impact: A Practical Guide to Affirmative Litigation for Local Governments, a guide created in partnership with Public Rights Project, the Office of San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera, and the San Francisco Affirmative

COVID-19 Rapid Reaction/Systems Summer Institute

A collaboration between People’s Parity Project (PPP), the Systemic Justice Project (SJP), and Justice Catalyst (JC) announces a COVID-19 Rapid Reaction/Systems Summer Institute, which will employ law students in full-time (or volunteer part-time) summer legal fellowships, working with legal and