Founded in 2016, Restoring Justice is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in Houston, Texas that provides holistic and client-centered representation to marginalized members of our community facing criminal charges. This includes the provision of expert criminal defense legal representation, social work services, trauma-informed counseling, spiritual support, volunteer connections, and more.

Its mission is to end mass incarceration one client and heart at a time. Restoring Justice takes cases of those who are unsatisfied with their legal representation and/or are represented by appointed counsel who exceed recommended caseload guidelines and offers them holistic representation, free-of-charge.

As a grassroots, human-centered organization, it also takes community engagement seriously and routinely participates in educational endeavors and innovative collaborations that bolster the criminal justice reform movement. Restoring Justice strives to pursue all kinds of criminal justice reform, with a focus on removing racial disparities and reforming the indigent defense system.