Economic Security Project

The Economic Security Project challenges this status quo by catalyzing ideas that build economic power for all Americans. ESP serves as convener, strategist and funder. ESP disburses grants, identify gaps, develop communications research to inform the movements and coordinates events and convenings to encourage investment and action from others. ESP aims to support the emerging leaders in the economic justice field and ensure they have the networks, know-how, and money to succeed.

The Anti-Monopoly Fund fills a need of directing resources to organize and expand the efforts of groups already dedicated to creating fair markets and enacting smart anti-monopoly enforcement and policy. The goal of the AMF is to harness the political and cultural moment we are in to create meaningful structural change to our economy and effectively use civic power to check private power that has fueled the massive inequality and lack of economic mobility that has plagued poor and middle-class Americans for nearly half a century. Ultimately, AMF aims for this effort to result in a stronger economy and democracy for all Americans.