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Alessandra Stevens
Meet the Fellow

Alessandra Stevens is a 2022-2023 Justice Catalyst Fellow combatting the labor abuse to deportation pipeline with Sur Legal Collaborative.

Amy Tamayo
Meet the Fellow

Amy Tamayo is a 2020-2021 Justice Catalyst Fellow at Centro de Los Derechos del Migrante working with migrant worker women to challenge discrimination and harassment women face in U.S. employment.

Anita Yandle
Meet the Fellow

Anita Yandle is a 2021-2022 Justice Catalyst Fellow at Public Justice advocating for farmworkers facing forced arbitration clauses through litigation, legislative advocacy, and education using a lens specifically focused on racial justice.

David Nahmias
Meet the Fellow

David Nahmias is a 2018-2019 Justice Catalyst Fellow at Impact Fund empowering low-wage LGBTQ workers in California.

Emma Scott
Meet the Fellow

Emma Scott is a 2018-2019 Justice Catalyst Fellow at California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation working on the California H-2A Project.

Equal Justice Center

The Equal Justice Center provides legal representation to low -income families, workers, and communities in Texas.

Global Labor Justice-International Labor Rights Forum

GLJ-ILRF holds global corporations accountable for labor rights violations in their supply chains; advances policies and laws that protect decent work and just migration; and strengthens freedom of association, new forms of bargaining, and worker organizations.

Joseph Niver
Meet the Fellow

Joseph Niver is a 2022-2023 Justice Catalyst Fellow working to address systemic employment violations in the logistics industry with Make the Road New Jersey.

Julie Pittman
Meet the Fellow

Julie Pittman is a 2019-2020 Justice Catalyst Fellow at Centro de Los Derechos del Migrante working with low-wage migrant workers to hold their employers accountable.

Local Progress

Local Progress is a movement of local elected officials advancing a racial and economic justice agenda through all levels of local government.

National Legal Advocacy Network

The National Legal Advocacy Network (NLAN) is a legal non-profit organization that believes in shifting the balance of power towards greater equity in our economy and society through organizing, empowering systematically marginalized people and challenging entrenched racial discrimination, sexual harassment

Public Justice

Public Justice fights to protect consumers, employees, civil rights and the environment.

Meet the Fellow

Ramya Sekaran is a 2018-2019 Justice Catalyst Fellow at the National Women's Law Center working to strengthen workplace sexual harassment policies and protections.

Sara Zollner
Meet the Fellow

Sara Zollner is a 2021-2022 Justice Catalyst/Public Rights Project Joint Fellow at the San Francisco's District Attorney Office who will create a recommended case development framework for newly-formed workers’ rights units in local government offices that center workers’ voices and

Sarah Levine
Meet the Fellow

Sarah Levine is a 2020-2021 Justice Catalyst/Public Rights Project Fellow at the Office of the Attorney General for the District of Columbia coordinating enforcement effort using antitrust, consumer protection, and wage and hour laws to protect low-wage workers in D.C.

Scott W. Stern
Meet the Fellow

Scott W. Stern is a 2020-2021 Justice Catalyst Fellow with Greenpeace International's Legal Unit addressing slavery at sea.

Sur Legal Collaborative

Sur Legal Collaborative seeks to democratize legal knowledge so that immigrant and working-class communities are empowered with the resources necessary to advocate for their rights and continue to lead us in the struggle for a more just society.

Meet the Fellow

Tavi Unger is a 2017-2018 Justice Catalyst Fellow at the Labor Bureau of the Office of the New York State Attorney General focusing on employee misclassification.

Towards Justice

Towards Justice seeks to advance economic justice through impact litigation, strategic policy, advocacy, and capacity building.

Vishal Reddy
Meet the Fellow

Vishal Reddy is a 2022-2023 Justice Catalyst Fellow building worker power with Local Progress.

Working Washington

Working Washington is fighting to raise wages, improve labor standards, and change the conversation about wealth, inequality, and the value of work.

Zoe Tucker
Meet the Fellow

Zoe Tucker is a 2020-2021 Justice Catalyst Fellow at UNITE HERE Local 11 supporting workers in asserting and expanding their protections against sexual assault and harassment in hotel jobs.