Frequently Asked Questions

Do you support new organizations?
Yes! Please reach out early via the prospectus if you are interested in seeding a new project.

What if my host org is not a 501(c)(3)?
Great! We value the ability to place fellows at non-501(c)(3) host organizations, including government agencies, unions, private public interest firms, and more. However, there are often extra steps involved at non 501(c)(3)s and legal requirements that must be met so it is best to reach out to us early in the process to indicate that interest.

Can more than one fellow apply with a single host organization?
Yes. We are happy to review multiple applications with a single host organization, and neither hosts nor prospective fellows will be disadvantaged. We are committed to considering each project on its own merits and would not have a problem placing multiple fellows at a single organization, if those were the best projects for us.

How “recent’ does a graduate have to be?
We accept applications from graduating law students or graduates up to two years out of law school. There are no restrictions on what you have been doing for that time.

What if I am more than two years out of law school?
We have plans for a fellowship for more experienced attorneys. For now, feel free to submit a prospectus, indicating your graduation year, and we will consider it.

I want to get started now!
Projects that can be started now (e.g. while you are still in law school) are extremely attractive to us. We have various options to get you jump started on your project. Indicate your interest in part time advance work in your prospectus.

I’m a 1L/2L/not yet in law school, but I have an idea now.
Great! We’d love to hear about it, especially if you’re willing to get started early.

What if I have a project but I’m not a lawyer at all?
While the Justice Catalyst Fellowship is aimed at new attorneys, we welcome submissions from non-attorneys, especially on law-adjacent topics.

Are there any restrictions on the substantive areas of law that the fellowship project can address?
There are no substantive area of law limitations for the Justice Catalyst fellowship. The project must, however, fit Justice Catalyst’s non-profit, tax-exempt mission.

Can the project go after powerful interests, such as large corporations?
We aim to fill gaps left by traditional pro bono practice, and to tackle injustice wherever it may reside.

Can the project address reproductive justice?

Can the project support undocumented immigrants?

Can the project address legal issues faced by incarcerated persons?

Can the project address addiction issues?

Can the fellowship be used to support lobbying or political work?
Our fellowship funds cannot be used for lobbying or political work. If your proposed project includes these items, please reach out to us to discuss the contours of what we are able to support.

Does Justice Catalyst pay for the fellow’s salary? Is the host organization responsible for other expenses like benefits?
The full amount of funding to the host organization is $65,000. Our expectation is that those funds will be devoted to salary, and that host organizations will provide health benefits in addition. However, in cases where the host organization is not in a position to do that, the fellow and the host organization can agree for some or all of the benefits to come out of that $65,000.

I submitted my application but haven’t heard anything back!
Please email us at We do our best to respond as quickly as possible.

I submitted my application on your website but I never received a confirmation email. Was my application received?
If you have not received a confirmation email regarding your submission, please re-submit your application on our website. We apologize for the inconvenience and we are working hard to resolve the issue.