2024-2025 Justice Catalyst Fellowship Prospectus

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Prospectus submissions open: September 1 – October 2, 2023, approximately 12am PST
You will receive a response to your prospectus submission on a rolling basis through November 3, 2023.

  • Please do not request a status update on the processing of your submission until after Nov 3, 2023.

  • We recommend that you write your answers to the prospectus questions in a separate document and once complete, copy and paste your answers into the form below. This form does not allow you to save and return to drafts.

  • For the smoothest possible submission experience, do not wait until the last minute to hit “submit.”


In the first (optional) step of the Justice Catalyst application process, we invite you to submit a resume and a short prospectus summarizing the problem you seek to address and your idea for addressing it. The prospectus provides candidates with a low-time-investment way to know whether to submit a full application by providing feedback on whether a project is a good fit for the fellowship, and where appropriate, receive specific suggestions for the final application.

You can submit your prospectus via the form below. We encourage you to be succinct, and use bullet points versus full sentences where possible: simply include the basic information that will allow us to understand what you intend to do and evaluate whether it is a good fit for submission of a full Justice Catalyst Fellowship application.

You may wish to refer to the full application materials or the recorded webinar on our website for a deeper sense of the Justice Catalyst fellowship priorities.

We also ask that you include a list of people — lawyers and nonlawyers — that you have contacted or would like to speak with as part of developing your project, in addition to potential host organizations. A listening tour that includes a wide range of input is vital to developing your proposal and ensuring that your work is not duplicative or counterproductive, and these initial contacts may well turn into collaborations and partnerships during your fellowship.

The prospectus is intended as a work in progress, and we welcome the opportunity to work with you to turn an initial idea into a detailed plan of action. So don’t hesitate to submit even if you do not yet have a firm proposal!

Justice Catalyst Prospectus Form