Trillium will be joining the litigation and massive representation team at Innovation Law Lab.

Passionate about immigrants’ rights and detention conditions, she will work with local partners and pro bono attorneys nationwide to ensure that asylum seekers detained in the Deep South have access to legal counsel to advocate for their release from detention. Her project will address the severe attorney shortage in the Deep South through a data-driven system that empowers pro bono attorneys nationwide to defend detained immigrants. Client case data will inform efforts to scale representation to other parts of the asylum process, with an eye towards universal representation of detained immigrants in the South. Trillium was a member of the Stanford Immigrants’ Rights Clinic and represented noncitizens in immigration court. She also interned at the ACLU National Immigrants’ Rights Project. Her most recent publication (Trillium Chang, Essay, The Fourth Amendment Free Zone, Stan. L. Rev. Online (forthcoming 2021)) critiques the doctrinal foundations of the U.S. immigration system and traces how the Chinese Exclusion Cases hollowed out Fourth Amendment protections for noncitizens. A graduate of Stanford Law School, Trillium also holds a MPhil from the University of Cambridge and a BSc from the University of Toronto.