Sarah is a Catalyst Fellow with the ACLU of Southern California, where she will continue to work with incarcerated activists and organizers, community organizations, and stakeholders to fight carceral expansion and increase permanent supportive and affordable housing, noncoercive mental health treatment, and alternatives to incarceration in Orange County with a focus on disability and housing justice.

She is a graduate of UC Irvine School of Law and founding member of Orange County coalitions including Stop the Musick and the OCIC Taskforce. Her goal is to build legal tools to empower communities to effectively oppose construction of new jails and advocate for more community investment, including by establishing counties’ obligations to invest in community-based care, housing, and resources through ADA litigation. She will help make resources accessible to community stakeholders by building advocacy toolkits in collaboration with local coalitions that are fighting jail expansion and advocating for housing and disability justice across the U.S.