Priya Sreenivasan will be a Justice Catalyst Fellow at Project South in Atlanta, Georgia, a social justice organization that conducts broadscale organizing, education efforts, and legal advocacy.

Using movement lawyering practices, Priya will leverage law and advocacy to challenge all forms of immigrant incarceration. In particular, she will focus on challenging the use of private prisons to imprison immigrants mainly for immigration violations before they are transferred to Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody. During law school, Priya was part of the NYU Immigrant Rights Clinic, where she represented a client in deportation proceedings, and helped to develop a radio series connecting immigrants in and out of detention facilities. Priya was also a Root-Tilden-Kern Public Interest Scholar. As a first-generation American, Priya is committed to using law and advocacy to dismantle our current egregious immigration policies and hopes to work collectively to reimagine what a “just” world looks like.