Nahuel Fefer is a Catalyst Fellow with ArchCity Defenders, where he will work to translate demands for criminal justice reform, economic equity, and democratic representation into legislation, executive orders, and ballot measures.

Nahuel, who previously served as Director of Economic Policy for the City of St. Louis, will work with activists, organizers and elected officials to advocate for these policies across a wide range of law-making institutions, with a particular focus on the transformative potential of the Board of Freeholders. Contingent on the approval of concurrent majorities in the City and County, the Board of Freeholders is empowered by the Missouri Constitution to eliminate predatory courts and police departments, redesign electoral systems to provide proportional representation for all, and tear down jurisdictional walls guarding hundreds of millions in sales, earnings and property tax revenues. Nahuel focused his research at NYU Law on equitable taxation, and as the ongoing public health crisis puts state and local governments in a deep fiscal hole, he looks forward to fighting for progressive tax reform which distributes freedom, power and opportunity fairly.