Aidan Graybill is a graduate of the University of Kansas School of Law who will be joining the Navajo Nation Department of Justice to protect Navajo Nation citizens from harmful lending terms used by predatory lending companies.

At the Navajo Nation DOJ, Aidan will help conduct research on the extent of the issue specific to student lending which has not been determined, in addition to pursuing action against other types of predatory lending. In law school, Aidan served as the President of the University of Kansas’s Native American Law Student’s Association, and subsequently served on the National Board for the Native American Law Students Association, advocating for Native students entering law school and the legal profession. Aidan’s professional experience during law school includes working for individual tribal governments as well as a law firm that serves a variety of tribal governments. In addition, Aidan is a member of the Wyandot Nation of Kansas and currently serves on the Nation’s Executive Council.