Public Rights Project Releases Guide for Local Prosecutors, Urges Newly Elected DAs to Fight Corporate Abuse

(Cross-posted from Public Rights Project)

OAKLAND, CALIF. (Nov. 7, 2019) – Today Public Rights Project released a new guide for district attorneys – those elected this week as well as those in of
fice for many years – outlining how to crack down on corporate crimes that are hurting so many Americans. The guide explores tools prosecutors already have to support and protect vulnerable people.

The resource, called “Growing An Equitable Enforcement Practice: A Guide for Local Prosecutors To Fight Corporate Abuse,” provides examples and practical steps for district attorneys who want to use their power to protect vulnerable communities and combat corporate lawlessness. It includes best practices on how to work
with community-based organizations, how to engage in public education and policy advocacy, and more.

Read more about the guide here.